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Super Kingsize Beds

A Super King Size is the largest standard UK bed size available. Metric measurements for this size are 180cm in width and 200cm in length. This allows for very comfortable and spacious sleeping area for both parties. The rule of thumb when deciding on a bed size is to go as big a s possible as long at the room is a suitable size, the more space you have for sleeping the more comfortable nights sleep you will get!

If you are looking to purchase a large bed one thing to take into consideration is will it fit up the stairs? As the size of the mattress is very big and a standard staircase especially if there is a turn involved can cause disappointment and added costs if it wont fit and needs returning, so please measure the access space before proceeding.

Super King size is often referred to as a 6FT are available in a range of styles from divan beds with storage drawers to wooden and metal frames in a range of colours and designs. Why not opt for an ottoman bed with lift up storage available in upholstered fabric finishes for a contemporary look.

With a vast range of comfort options, designs and fabric finishes we are sure we can find a super King Size bed to suit your needs and with a next day UK delivery service on most beds you could be sleeping on it tomorrow.


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