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Relyon Beds

For a limited time only we are delighted to offer a further 10% discount on all Relyon beds and mattresses. Please enter the discount code 'relyon10' at the checkout stage of ordering to receive this instant discount.

Established in 1858, Relyon has now grown to because one of the leading UK manufacturers in it's field. Relyon manufacture divan beds, mattresses, vacuum packed mattresses, bedsteads, bedroom furniture and headboards. All of their products are manufactured to the highest standards using only the finest materials.

An amazing amount of thought and effort goes into every Relyon product as they specially choose what each product will be made from. Their mattresses are made from an expert blend of fillings to ensure the correct comfort level whilst sleeping and have manufactured a range of beds with different spring systems and spring counts to ensure that every taste is catered for.

Within each Relyon mattress are sumptuous layers of quality fillings, expertly chosen to suit individual needs for comfort and support. Each Relyon divan base is designed with real attention to detail with many of the processes carried out by hand to ensure the quality of the finish.

Relyon also produce a range of headboards that fit perfectly with its range of beds and continue the sense of luxury than runs through all Relyons products.

All Relyons products are made to order and usual lead-times can be up to 6 weeks for delivery. Relyons diverse range of products means there is a bed to suit everyone’s tastes.

A Relyon bed evokes a truly sensory experience. First you see the quality of its design and meticulous attention to detail, and then you feel its sumptuous comfort and luxurious support. Combining the best qualities in form and function reflects why Relyon maintains its renowned status as the best beds in the world.

Bedstar.co.uk have the full range of Relyon beds available at very competitive online prices. We have been suppling Relyon beds for over 20yrs through our retail outlet and are now considered a preferred supplier.


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