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Most of us will have experienced a restless night’s sleep due to an uncomfortable pillow. Whether it's too lumpy or too soft, too hard or too hot, anything which doesn’t match your own personal needs can be a major pain in the neck! It does highlight that the right pillow can be just as important as the right kind of mattress, so choosing the correct one is a big decision.

The traditional pillow shape is usually a square or rectangle, and will come in standard sizes, determined by your bed size. The comfort and support of a pillow will be down to the pillow’s filling and its cover. If you looking for a very supportive pillow, then memory foam or latex offer excellent qualities for moulding into the natural shape of your head and perfectly aligning the spine.

Polyester pillows are a cost effective and comfortable pillow as the polyester is teased, which adds volume and creates a bouncy feel with good supportive properties. Combine this with a comfortable Jersey fabric cover and you'll soon find your sheep counting nights are over.

Bedstar have a range of pillows for next day delivery, with many now on special offer. Select a new pillow set along with a new mattress and save up to 20% on a bundle deal.


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