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Duvets are the modern day alternative to separate layers of blankets and sheets, which can be time consuming to wash and change. They consist of an outer cover filled with either natural fillings, like down, feathers or wool or a more cost effective synthetic fillings like polyester and white fibre. The outer cover of the duvet can be removed and washed to keep it fresh and clean.

Of course a duvet doesn’t just belong on the bed though! They are perfect for snuggling up with in front of the TV or for the kids to sleep under on long distance car journeys. When visiting family and friends, the most important thing to pack is usually the duvet, so in many ways it is the most important item in the modern family’s house!

Duvets come in varying tog ratings, these are given to rate the performance of the insulation. The higher the rating of the tog, the warmer the duvet will be. Of course there are alternatives at Bedstar than needing to buy two different duvets for the hot and cold seasons, some actually come with two layers of installation, which can be swapped over or removed to create the correct thermal protection for the time of year.


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