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OBC use their extensive archive collection of original classic design to craft beds that exude heritage and a noble ancestry. From classic French pieces to traditional British styles or opulent four posters, every bedstead is constructed using techniques perfected over the years with quality base metals and solid castings.

The purest cast brass is used which is in turn antiqued and finished by hand to complement the deep lustrous finishes unique to this emotive collection. Whatever your preference OBC's timeless creations are intended to delight and inspire - a testament to their designers.

The Original Bedstead Company have a desire to create beautiful pieces of furniture made from high quality materials. By using their extensive knowledge of the manufacturing process learnt over the years, the Original Bedstead Company have managed to create a product range to suit everyone's taste.

The Original Bedstead Company use a mixture of age old tried and tested techniques and the most up to date modern machinery to create their bedsteads. The result is a fantastic, well built bedstead that will stand the test of time.


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