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Moisture Management in Mattresses


Moisture management fabrics are a revolution in the bedding industry. Most people suffer from waking up in the night due to being too hot and find that you are covered in sweat. Moisture management technology is designed to absorb your excess moisture and heat, leaving you cool and dry throughout the night.

There are many moisture management technologies out on the market at the moment, all of which keep you cool in different ways. One of them is the 37 degree® fabric from Breasley. 37 Degrees® technology has a micro moisture management system, that improves the airflow around your body while you sleep, reducing rapid increases in heat and keeping you cool throughout the night.

The 37 Degrees® fabric comes as standard on the Breasley Flexcell 700. The Flexcell 700 has 7cm of memory foam on a high density foam base, and is totally hypoallergenic, perfect for asthma sufferers. We keep the Breasley Flexcell in stock in all sizes with free next day delivery to anywhere in mainland UK.

Outlast® is another moisture management fabric. Outlast® fabric regulates your body temperature whilst you sleep, meaning that when you're too hot heat is absorbed, and when you're too cold, heat is released. This helps to keep you at a comfortable temperature all night. Outlast® fabric comes as standard on the Breasley Outlast® mattress. It is a 20cm deep mattress and it features a sumptuous 5cm layer of memory foam and a high density support foam base.

This mattress is also in stock in all sizes for free next day delivery. Both the Breasley Flexcell 700 and Outlast® are delivered to you rolled up, so your mattress will reach you in a 100% hygienic condition. Don't put up with having an uncomfortable nights sleep, visit our Breasley range and pick up a fantastic mattress today.


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