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Childrens High Sleeper Beds

High Sleeper beds are designed to offer a range of storage solutions for your childrens bedroom. High Sleeper beds are similar to traditional bunk beds with a ladder securely attached to the frame allowing easy access to the top bunk. In the case of the high sleeper the bottom bunk is removed and this space is optimised to include a number of furniture variations that will compliment your requirements for the bedroom.

Some High sleepers include a futon seating area on the bottom of the frame allowing for a sofa during the day and with the flip of a lever the sofa turns into a double sleeping area adequate for 2 children to share.

Many of the high sleeper beds are designed to include work stations underneath the sleeping area. The Stompa high sleeper comes with a number of variations to complete the perfect working environment with options including pull out desks, cube storage drawers and pullout futon chairs all fitting neatly in the frame of the high sleeper.

Some of our high sleeper beds like the Sweet Dreams Zeke come as frame only. This type of design means you can use the space under the sleeping area for your own requirements.

All of our high sleeper beds do not include a mattress but we do have a fantastic range of single mattresses that will compliment the high sleeper frame.

Our high sleeper frames have a delivery lead time of 7 – 14 days and will come delivered flat packed. If your looking for a faster delivery we do have a range of high sleepers in stock for immediate delivery.


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