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Breasley Mattresses

Breasley Mattresses boasts two factories in the north of Derbyshire, maintained by around 200 experienced employees. Breasley mattresses are at the forefront of memory foam technology and have a wide selection of products to cater for all support and comfort requirements. For over 30 years, Breasley have been manufacturing high quality memory foam products to the UK. By using state of the art technology, Breasley are able to manufacture all different density and grade memory foam products to cater to all requirements.

The most popular range of breasley mattresses is the flexcell range recently gaining 4 out of 5 stars for durability and value for money from Which? magazine. Flexcell Coolmax is the ultimate mattress. The visco-elastic memory foam uses state-of-the-art temperature responsive, slow recovery ‘memory’ foam which contours to your shape and weight ensuring the best possible sleep everytime.

Breasleys newly developed mattress is the Evolution. The Evolution mattress is a combination of memory foam, resilient foam and a cleverly manufactured zoned middle section. When put together this mattress gives superb soft luxury feel with maximum support.

Eachg breasley mattress comes with a coolmax cover. Coolmax works by removing moisture away fromthe body allowing greater evaporation leading to a cooling effect on the fabric.Coolmax controls humidity and dries quicker than other fabrics keeping the user fresher whilst asleep.Coolmax has been used in specialist sports clothing for many years.

Every Breasley mattress comes with a five year guarantee. They are suitable for any type of bed frame or divan bed. Each mattress is vacumn packed for easy transportation. Once the mattress is unpacked the mattress will return to its normal shape within the space of two hours

Breasley mattresses are Open-celled and breathable. Breasley Memory foam can help Reduce pressure points that cause sleep discomfort and promote good blood circulation. Many of the Breasley mattress range are now using outlast technology. Outlast materials are wide spread and has increased the comfort of millions of consumers in bedding products. It reduces temperature swings and influences the comfort zone efficiently, helping you to feel not too hot, not too cold, just right.


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